The Only Thread

The BattleOn Forums were once the only source of information for ZardWars. The section, established around the game's creation (what I guess to be 2005), contained great guides, character advice threads, and other discussion on the game. Although the information was limited (there was no encyclopedia) it was a place one could go to inquire.

In 2009 after I returned from a period of rest I found the forums had vanished. There was nothing to indicate they were even there in the first place. The only source of discussion was no more, and the guides were lost.

To find some answers, I did some digging. I contacted several members of the BattleOn forums and evntually got ahold of an administrator. They said that the forums were deemed unnecessary due to inactivity and were moved to another location. To my request to retrieve the guides, they responded that I needed the authour's permission. However, not knowing the authours usernames, I couldn't get the permission. With that my quest was over.

There was only one thing left: a thread created in September of 2009 entitled "=AE= How to Play: Ebilgames!" This was a joke compared to the removed section consisting of only one post with limited information. There is a link below if you wish to see said pitiful thread.

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