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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm baaaack! You thought I had disappeared again, didn't ya? Well think again! I was thinking about you every day I wasn't updating, don't worry.

Couple of updates. First, I'm done my exams, so I'm scot-free for the next two months. Second, I figured out how to set up a local server for testing. This means less stuff will be broken with updates because I can now properly test it on my home machine. Finally, I'm trying to find an easy way to spell check my posts, one that will not bog down the whole update process.

I have some pip-squeak enemies all ready to go. Those will come whenever I fell like uploading them.

Geez, it took ten minutes to write this...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A few days ago I finished converting the shields. One more thing down! Here's the list as it stand now:

1. Complete spells
2. Complete enemies
3. Other guides
4. Obsessively play ZardWars

Getting closer and closer to number 4 there. Next up, as you can see, is the completion of spells. However I have no idea how to go about it. The information provided by the game does not specify damage in the slightest, and I have trouble trying to justify putting up information that is speculated.

Speaking of which, as an off note, I've been thinking of removing all speculated stats until I have hard statistical proof. That includes how often specials trigger and their damage. If people are going to trust this as a source, they should at least get correct information.

All I can do is provide name, description, an image, stuff like level and MP used, and other general info like the number of hits the spell does and what element. That's the best I can do. Guess I'll have to do that.

Getting there.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just like the title days. The "done" is in quotes because my character isn't a high enough level to get the Pygmy Zombie Entourage. That will be my first priority in 2 levels.

I'm backing from camping on the Bruce. I meant to post something either Wednesday or Thursday last week, but never got around to it. I was busy running around like a chicken without a head. Sorry 'bout that.

I did promise some nice pictures of the Bruce Peninsula, and they will be coming. I just have to sift through all 500 of them. I'll post a link to an imgur album when I'm done. Don't expect that anytime soon though. Five hundred is a lot of pictures.

Here is the revised to-do list:

1. Convert shields
2. Complete spells
3. Complete enemies
4. Other guides
5. Obsessive playing of ZardWars

Concert tomorrow night. There won't be any major updates. Sorry 'bout that too.

Tueday, May 24, 2011

Guess what I did tonight. I added a pet! Wooo! Time to celebrate.

In all seriousness, I only managed to do one pet tonight. I have a lot going on right now and [excuse] and [excuse] and [excuse]. I won't be able to do much tomorrow night because I am busy and [excuse].

Even more seriousness than that, I am actually REALLY busy. I also failed to mention it, but I will be camping this weekend. I'm leaving Thursday afternoon and coming back Sunday afternoon. That means I will be 4 hours away from my home computer (laptop) with all my website files. It also means that nothing is going to be done on the website. Don't worry though; to compensate I will post pretty pictures of the Bruce Peninsula. We all good with that?

Back to procrastinating.

PS. If you must know it was the Were-Hare.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Thus ends my weekend, thus, thus, thus.

Update part 3 of 2. Okay, so I've been a little optimistic over the past couple of days. You know that plan to finish off the armour and shields, then get the pets done? Well, I did the armour, none of the shields and half of the pets. Since I've been... overestimating this stuff, I'll just provide you with a todo list with no dates attached, just so you can't hold me to as much.

1. Finish pets
2. Convert shields
3. Work/Finish on spells
4. Work/Finish on enemies (actually I'v been doing for a while)
5. Other guides
6. Play the game obsesively.

That's the list. I'd love to have daily updates, but we all know that isn't going to happen. I'd love to promise weekly updates, but we all know I'd be lieing. So, no promises, just work.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update part 2 of 2. It's become apparent to me that I am not going to have the current database switched over to XML files by the end of today. A lot of that will spill over to tomorrow. To keep things moving I will probably just start adding new stuff.

However, I did manage to get 95% of the weapons done (save 2) and a couple suits of armour. Tonight I will finish the armour and tomorrow I will begin on the shields. In case you didn't know, I have a holiday tomorrow so I really have a three day weekend to work on this stuff, so that's pretty cool.

Armour tonight, shields and existing enemies tomorrow. I will try to get all the pets up tonight as well actually. Then I'll add the spells, then I'll concentrate on the enemies. After that I can add other guides such as statistic guides, the Nowhere death quest guide, and other stuffs.

Lots of good stuff happening, just not fast enough.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update part 1 of 2. It's a shame I can't stay commited. Time for me to pop my head in again and improve a few things.

First, I've changed the encyclopedia over to the new layout. Now everything looks better and more consistent. It ended up taking less time than I thought.

Next, I changed (yet again) the way the encyclopedia operates. The item information is now stored in XML files, which are more organized, and easier to manage and edit. They are also more dynamic; instead of having "baked-in" HTML tags, I have a PHP routine which takes the data, interprets it, and spits out what you see. Altough said routine could be more organized and pretty looking it works well enough for now.

Finally, because I couldn't STAND it, I rewrote the home page. My writing style from last year is absolutely terrible. Expect a lot more rewriting of pages and opinions.

By the end of tomorrow I would love to have the whole database switched over from HTML to XML files. Then I can start adding entries to the encyclopedia again. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Friday-ish! You know what that means! New site layout! I rewrote the HTML, CSS, and PHP for most of the site to make it run properly on all browsers.

It should look only a tiny bit different from the old layout. Besides centering the header, changing element widths, and minor color changes, everything is the same.

I still have yet to update the encyclopedia, but that is a whole week in itself.

Oh, I also added a date tag for the more recent news posts. Been meaning to do that for a while.

Gone for Christmas, so Merry Christmas all and Happy Hollidays! Keep on playing ZardWars! I'll be back before the New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Status report time! This will be short, sweet, and to the point. Here we go!

* Late update because I didn't do one yesterday (no really, eh?)
* Almost done revised layout. Expect it later this week (Friday-ish)
* On Christmas vacation from school, so I will have more ZardWars time.
* However, I'm busy caroling until Friday so I don't have all my time.
* And, my brother got Minecraft and I've been busy with that.
* However, I will be here for the next two weeks.

Lots of stuff to look forward to!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

For the last week I've been working on another website. It's for a school project so it's taken priority. However, the final layout is done and I have a bit more time. You can expect updates by next Sunday.

There was an error in last week's RSS that I may or may not fix. I am aware of that issue.

To re-iterate what I said last week, my plan is an overhaul of the site theme code. I hope that the update doesn't mess with the current layout, but only serves to clean up the back-end. The site may experience some down time; I'll keep you posted on related matters.

I'm really happy ZardWars is still running.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here's your first weekly Sunday update!

Added RayZard
Added Energyzard
Added Sickly Zombie
Added Icezard
Added Frogzard
Removed Pygmy Zombie

I realized that I have been implementing CSS in a way that isn't proper and it is actually generating errors. I have been doing this wrong ever since I started the encyclopedia, which means that I have to go through every single entry and change it. That will be this week's priority.

Also high on the priority list is redoing the CSS and site structure. I'm still having problems with the way stuff is rendered on Chrome. It annoys me greatly.

That is it for this week. See ya next Sunday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've scrapped the changelog idea. They would be highly redundant, as well time cosuming in set-up and up-keep. Anything important will just be posted in the news. Like it was meant to be.

Major weekly updates will take place on Sundays. Only stuff that can't wait until Sunday will be posted in the week. On Sundays, I will post the news along with any changes made to the encyclopedia. Since the encyclopedia is in a work in progress state, I think status updates are necessary.

Here is a pile of changes for the past week, just while I am at it.

Added google analytics code
Added CSS tags to complement new encyclopedia features
Added incomplete tag to Zhilos axe, golden axe, rhublade
Removed quick updates
Reworded The Only Thread
Slight front page rework
Added Enemies index
Added MechaZombie
Added Elite Frogzard
Added Elite Zeel
Added Pirrelvag
Added Pygmy Zombie
Added Elite Mermazon

Look forward to next Sunday!

Been thinking about getting rid of the quick updates. They would be replaced by changelogs, reporting on every element of the site. These would be posted once a sufficient number of changes have been made, either in the news section or in a seperate changelog section. I'm leaning towards the former. I'll provide an example soon.

Also planning an overhaul of page content. Due to a maturing writing style, I can't stand seeing the dribble I posted a year ago.

On top of this, I have ideas of graphical updates and a pollishing of the CSS sheet. These, however, have a low priority, so don't expect them anytime soon.

Come back later for more updates!

Duh... it looks like I fixed it. I removed the tracking code that I recently put in the sidebar, and as soon as I did, everything fixed itself. As soon as I removed that tracker code, the site conformed with W3C standards of HTML 4.01 as well!

What does that last statement mean? It means that the site is "properly" coded! It means it should also work properly, and guess what? It does! Yay!

In order to conform to standards, I had to rework the encyclopedia engine a tiny bit. It works; I tested it. However, there are going to be a few broken links within the pages that I will attempt to hunt down and fix.

So, the site works, and now I am ready to move on to bigger and better stuff!

August update! I'm still here, and I am working on making the site better (sorta) even though it does not seem like it! I just broke a couple of things (that were probably going to break anyway) to improve general coding and... DAH DAH-DAH-DAH! I added an RSS Feed!

Why did you add an RSS Feed?
Why aren't you fixing what is broken?
Why are things breaking in the first place?
Why aren't you adding more items into the encyclopedia instead of doing this?
If these are some of you questions, I hope I can answer them! Otherwise, deal.

Why did I add an RSS Feed? Possibly to motivate myself, possibly because I wanted to, possibly because I wanted to make more news updates, and possibly because I want to bring the site into the current technology. I always felt that the news page was important, however I didn't want to make it the main page, and it not being on the main page doesn't make people look at it. This might put more emphasis on the news.

Why are things breaking and why aren't I fixing them? They break because that is what technology does, and this is a hobby; I am not an HTML/PHP/CSS/XML/Whatever expert. I say I am not an expert but I do have experience. Believe me when the site breaks, I put a good amount of effort into fixing it 'cause if I don't it haunts me.

Why am I not improving the encyclopedia? If I have no site, I have no encyclopedia. Updating the site ultimately improves the encyclopedia.

Mainly, I just wanted to type something out to let people know I still care, and I do. I hope the RSS helps all of us: you so you can stalk the site, and me to motivate myself to doing great stuffs.

Okay, now I am in trouble. I missed April, May, and a great deal of June. Geez, why can't I stick to anything?! Gah, I guess I can't make any promises that I will do anything. Heck, you're probably thinking "This guy can't do anything right", and you would be correct in saying that.

I just can't think of anything positive to say. I haven't updated in months, and every promise I have made so far I have shattered into a million pieces. My summer has started. Take that as you may, whether that means updates of a lack of. I would like to think it means updates.

By the way, don't think I am leaving this place anytime soon. I will eventually finish this, and it will be the greatest source of info on the game on the web. Frankly it is the only source, but those are technicalities.

I am back and updating the encyclopedia! I hope to get the shields finished by tomorrow, but no promises. The only shield I cannot do is the Golden Shield, simply because I don't hve the 300 000 gold. After that, I will most likely do the spells, then *shudders* the monsters *shudders*. I suspect they will take the most time, due to how many there are.

Anyway, yeah. I am still here.

Gah! Has it really been a month! Geez.

Haven't had much time... however next week is March Break, so expect updates!

What? I'm sorry if you thought "I better start working on those shields now" meant that I would actually do work!

Anyway, I just downloaded Google Chrome and realized that the site doesn't quite work with it... Going to have to fix that!

EDIT: Used some quick, cheap, and dirty methods to cover up visual abnormalities in Chrome. Will investigate and fix more later.

Well, I guess I better start working on those shields now. My original plan was to code a program that would help me, but after seeing all the work I have put into it so far and how much I have gotten out of it, it doesn't seem worth it. I'll just have to do it like I normally do.

It has been bugging me since I started playing ZardWars again as to the whereabouts of it's section on the BattleOn forums. It contained some great guides that I would love to post here. Finally yesterday, I sent off a few PMs around the forum and got a response. The section was deleted due to innactivity. There was hardly any discussion anymore, and the only reason it existed still was to save the guides that I want. I may have to contact someone else if I really want to save those guides, but for now, my main question of where it went is answered. Check that one off the mystery list!

On the site, I have been working hard at getting all the armours up... and I may post another video or screenshot. That's all for now!

I have achieved the third link on Google if you type in ZardWars! Awesome! I hope I get the same results on Bing... Anyway, now that I am getting traffic, I am going to have to start updating. Expect to see lots more in the Encyclopedia, and remember, IT IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Please, if you have any info, email me at!

ADDITION: I have finished all the weapons I can. The ones I haven't done are Zhilo's Axe (didn't have the money), Golden Axe (again, no money), and Rhublade (not level 89). Onto Armours!

I have been updating for less than I would have liked to. School is eating away hours upon hours of my free time, and I have just caved in to its demands. Near the end of January or the start of February, expect to see this site start to pick up.

I have set up a forum, and I am releasing the site now. The Encyclopedia will just have to become a work in progress. Maybe I can turn it into a community project! Anyway, I am officially releasing the site. Don't forget to sign up on the forums!

Time for a status update!

Christmas has been my target release day. I have done everything I want to have done before then but two. First, I would like to have a forum set up, probably one on Invisionfree. That could take some time to get working. Second is the Encyclopedia. That is probably going to take the rest of my life to finish (at this rate).

So, I could either release the site on Christmas without forums and a complete Encyclopedia, or I could quickly set up a forum, OR I could move back the official "release day". I'm liking option two the most.

I will probably set up a forum and get that working for Christmas, and "release". Just letting all you watchers (probably two) know what is going on.

Today, ZardWars Revival is born! Through this site, I hope to do three things. First, I want bring awareness to ZardWars. Second, I would like to provide a source of guides and an encyclopedia. Third, I want to create a community for those who care about ZardWars, and help those who are new to the game.

It came to me a few weeks ago that there aren't any links to the game! I checked AdventureQuest, MechQuest, Dragon Fable, AQWorlds, and even Ebil Games, without success. They have links to ArchKnight...

Next, I checked the forums. There was once a whole section of the forums devoted to ZardWars, including guides, discussion, and even bug reports. When I checked, I couldn't find it, but found this instead. There are no more guides, and I can't find any sites on the internet with that information.

Since the section of the forums is gone, there isn't a place for ZardWars players to communicate. I think it would be nice to create a place for those who are into ZardWars to share builds and discuss about the game.

My hopes and dreams may seem farfetched. Even crazy. However, you don't know what happens until you try!