A fairly powerful light weapon constructed by Zhilo. But when it encounters zard monsters it deals Element X damage, plus 3 base and 5 random. Re-equip it at start of each battle for Element X damage to work.

Level: 40
Type: Melee
Element: Light
Damage: 7-35
Bonus To Hit: 0%
Price: 5000
Sell: 3750

Enemy: Enemies with Zard in their name
Element: ElementX
Damage: 10-43

Notes: This weapon has a few bugs. First, it doesn't trigger on Jeffrey because he doesn't have "zard" in his name. Second, you need to re-equip against zards to get the ElementX to work. Third, the trigger does not work with the Invisibility Cloak. Also note that ElementX has the same icon as Fire.