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As of, at least, August 31, 2015 zardwars.battleon.com is 404ing which means it can't be accessed. Effectively this means the game is dead. It was nice knowing you.

What is was ZardWars?

Zardwars was a flash game created by Artix Entertainment in 2005. The front page indicated that it was created as a "test [of] having multiple game databases". It is important to note that Zardwars could only be played by Adventure Quest Guardians, those who have paid for an upgraded account in the game Adventure Quest. Since launch the game was only updated once, which occured during 2007.

The gameplay was functionally similar to that of Adventure Quest: your character and your opponent took turns battling until only one remains standing. Experience that you gained by beating opponents help your character level up, which provided more stat points, health, and mana. Gold found on the opponent's remains allowed your character to buy improved gear to aid in battling more foes. Indivial opponents had their own unique traits: they are weak to some attacks while stronger against others and have their own combination of stats. Your character could choose between a variety of weapons, armor, shields, pets, and spells, which each have their own benefits. Battling was the only thing to do in this game.

Zardwars was on a general decline since release. Our only hope is that this doesn't cause the game to vanish. Unfortunately this seems to be the case.