Ultimate Crossbow

A magical crossbow that can hit with either melee water, magic fire, or ranged earth.

Level: 50
Type: Ranged
Element: Water
Damage: 2-38
Bonus To Hit: 3%
Price: 9000
Sell: 6750

Rate: 100%
Hits: 1
Type: Melee
Element: Water
Damage: 4-22
Bonus To Hit: 3%
Notes: Blue arrow

Rate: 100%
Hits: 2
Type: Ranged, x2
Element: Earth, x2
Damage: 2-11, x2
Bonus To Hit: 5%, x2
Notes: Red Arrow

Rate: 100%
Hits: 1
Type: Magic
Element: Fire
Damage: 6-22
Bonus To Hit: 0%
Notes: Yellow arrow

Notes: The attack lets you choose between the blue, red, or yellow arrows.